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Quality products to our consumers.

Amaryllis started in the year 2021. Team of Amaryllis has the experience of 25 years in the Retail Industry. Our vision is to continuously work for the empowerment & upliftment for women. Our mission is to provide quality products to our consumers.

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Exotic and Authentic Spices
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Amaryllis Spices are sourced from the prime spice growing locations to ensure the highest quality


Amaryllis Spices are packed using state of the art equipment ensuring minimal human contactthe highest quality


Low Temperature Grinding. LTG ensures better retention of natural oils & flavours in the spice


Our continuously work for the

Empowerment & upliftment for women

Our central vision is to persistently strive for the empowerment and betterment of women. Our primary mission is to deliver top-notch products to our valued consumers. At Amaryllis, we pride ourselves on sourcing fresh spices from various regions.

For example, our Kerala spices are skillfully crafted by a group of Keralite women residing in the heart of Malappuram. These industrious women not only produce spices but also manage a small-scale industry, contributing to self-sufficiency for their families and village.

Similarly, our Rajasthan spices are meticulously prepared by a Rajasthani woman who plays an active role in her husband's farming industry. Her profound knowledge of Rajasthan's culture and cuisine has been passed down through generations, making her an expert in creating these spices.

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